Ten to Track (Monday, 8/28/2017)

It seems few if any league’s out there do something analogous to NFL Monday Night Football.  And so achtung!  Without big league matchups of note, most of today’s T2T we will spend getting to know a little about some of our cousin England’s teams and towns of the National Division.

It’s defined in Noob’s new Vocab page, but here’s the skinny:   This is the 5th level of football in the league system. There’s the Premiere League, then the Football League – which houses the next three leagues/levels of play.  Then there’s The National League System, which oversees almost 90 leagues.  These guys are the top of that.  Teams from here can be promoted into League Two, the 4th level in the league system.

1. Bromley vs. Sutton United – National League (English)

Bromley is a district in southeast London. The population is maybe 75,000. The home ground of the Ravens or Lilywhites” seats 1300, but has a total capacity of 5000.

Bromley and Sutton are 4th and 2nd place respectively in the early season league standings.

B. Maidenhead vs. Leyton Orient – National League (English)

Maidenhead is in Berkshire County, with a population of maybe 75000. The Magpie’s home ground of York Road seats 550 with a capacity of 4000. It is longest-continuously-used ground by one club in English history. They are only a semi-professional club.

Maidenhead and Leyton Orient are in 9th and 8th place respectively.

3. Eastleigh vs. Aldershot Town – National League (English)

Eastleigh is in Berkshire Bounty, with a population of maybe 30,000. The Spitfires’ home ground seats 2700 and has a total capacity of almost 5200.

Eastleigh and Aldershot are in 10th and 5th place respectively.

4. Dover Athletic vs. Ebbsfleet United – National League (English)

Dover is in Kent County and has a population of over 31000. It sits at the narrowest point of the English Channel. The Whites’ home ground seats over 1000 and has a total capacity of over 5700.

Dover an Ebbsfleet are in 7th and 12th place respectively.

5. Boreham Wood vs. Wrexham – National League (English)

Borehamwood – as the town is now spelled as one word – is in Heretford County, a commuter town of London’s with a population of about 31,000. The Wood’s home ground seats 1700, with a total capacity of 4500.

Boreham Wood and Wrexham are in 3rd and 11th place respectively.

Wrexham-N-Effect?  No.

Noob is not convinced the young saxophonist was cast based in her New Jack Swing stylings, ability…

6. Gateshead vs. FC Halifax Town – National League (English)

Gateshead is in Tyne and Wear County and has a population of over 120,000. The Heed’s home ground holds close to 12,000.  Heed….maybe just re-spelling of Head?  I found it in singular form regarding the club.

Gateshead and Halifax are in 6th and 13th place respectively.

7. Maidstone United vs. Dagenham & Redbridge – National League (English)

Maidstone is a town of well over 160,000 in Kent County. The Stones’ home ground seats under 800, with a total capacity of over 4000.

Maidstone and D&R are in 14th and 1st place respectively.

8. AFC Fylde vs. Barrow – National League (English)

AFC Fylde is based in the town of Wesham is in Lancashire County. The town has a population of maybe 3500, but the Borough of Fylde has more like 78000. The Coasters; home ground holds 7000.

Fylde and Barrow are in 17th and 16th place respectively.

9. Sheikh Jamal vs. Brothers Union – Bangladesh Premier

Sheikh Jamal and Brothers Union are in 3r and 4th place respectively. S.J. Is known as “The Yellow Fear”, presumably because for the last season or two their yellow home kits have been made by a company named “Yellow”. Sounds more like a bile-inducing sickness. Go, B.U.

Image result for yellow bile  Take two, root for Brothers Union, and call Noob in the morning.

10. Hurricanes vs. St. John’s – Grenada Premier

These two are in 1st and Noob -thinks- 4th respectively. Shockingly, Grenadine soccer isn’t abounding on the interblag. Finding quality football for Mondays isn’t the easiest! But now we know that country -has- a league. In fact, they even have pro-rel with a second one!

Image result for anger management grenada meme  Grenada!!!!!!!

(Wasn’t that, like, 12 hours?)

Ten to Track (Sunday, 8/27/2017)

1. Toronto FC vs. Montreal Impact – MLS

Right now, Montreal is in a dogfight with expansion Atlanta for the sixth and final playoff spot in the Eastern Division. A road trip to class-of-the-league Toronto may not help their cause.

Image result for Canadia  Canadiaian puns are best!

B. Seattle Sounders vs. Portland Timbers – MLS

#1 hosts #2 in the desperately tight Western Division.

It’s ‘Rivalry Week’ as advertised by (I think) ESPN. This sounds very collegiate to me for some reason. But television ratings for MLS are. Not. Good. Can’t blame them for trying.

Image result for seattle portland hate meme  Rivalry Week gone wrong

3. Liverpool vs. Arsenal – English Premiere

Last season’s #4 vs. #5 in a battle of two traditional powerhouses.

I’ve looked back over all the EPL final season standings of the 21st C., and Liverpool defines ‘close but no cigar’ for title contention.

4. Chelsea vs. Everton – English Premiere

Everton just finished downing Croatian side Hajduk Split in the final qualifying round of the Europa League. Noob wonders if they’ll have much in the tank for a road trip against last season’s EPL winner.

5. Napoli vs. Atalanta – Serie A

Atalanta crashed the top four-party last season in Italy. Noob is American, and so enjoys underdogs. Atalanta is easily the best Italian team to not be based in a truly major metro area.

Image result for Atalanta Italy meme  Translation:  We look like villainous henchmen casting rejects from the original Die Hard movie.

6. Veracruz vs. Pumas UNAM – Liga MX

OK, it’s not a smexy matchup, but it should at least be more competitive than Toluca-Puebla. Both teams are toiling early this Clausura (half season) in the lower half of the league standings.

7. Shimizu S-Pulse vs. Urawa Red Diamonds – J1 League

Not a match that will help determine and postseason play, qualification into larger competitions here. But Urawa is Noob’s team, here our cry – “Gym – Tan – Sushi!”

Image result for the situation pointing at abs  Yes.  Where the sushi goes.  Thanks yet again, The Situation.  You know Urawa doesn’t pay you, right?

8. Zenit St. Petersburg vs. Rostov – Russian Premier

Confession: Noob thought 3rd place-Rostov might be a newly-promoted team to this top league. They actually finished 6th last year, just off my radar. Zenit is undefeated with just one draw.

9. Sturm Graz vs. Salzburg – Austrian Bundesliga

In the heart of the soccer breadbasket of the world, it is to be wondered why Austria’s top flite league isn’t stronger than it is. Here, last season’s top two clubs clash.

Angry Arnold - happy AUSTRIA day  Shoosh.  Go watch the Total Recall remake that looks like it was randomly generated.

10. Colo Colo vs. Universidad de Chile – Chilean Seabass Premier

Colo Colo is the only non-university sponsored team in the top four. They are the defending champs and arguably the greatest team historically. Chile U. is their biggest rival.

UEFA Champions League – an ‘Explainer’


UEFA is organization that oversees the international soccer leagues in Europe. Each year, the best teams from each country’s top league qualify for its Champions League (CL). (And yes, in world soccer, they mix up the uses of the words like “league” and “cup” compared to how we Americans usually use them. It’s ok.) Bigger, badder leagues get as many as four teams in. Smaller countries may only get one.

It’s the most important annual soccer happening in the world.   And it’s all about to begin.

     “But Noob, you’ve been posting about matchups from the CL for weeks.  Deceiver!”

Slow your roll, Noobite. The first four rounds of this event were considered “qualifying rounds”. It’s just semantics. Little nations’ entries and a few of the big countries’ lesser league teams that squeaked in play in these rounds for the right to enter what is about to now begin – the Group Stage.

European fans don’t really consider CL begun until this stage. 22 of the best teams from the best countries’ leagues only now even begin playing. Ten teams made it here through those Qualifying Rounds. These 32 teams are placed in (more or less) equally-weighted pods of eight. Each pods’ teams will play each other twice. The top two finishers in each pod  advance to the Knockout Stage.

     “Noob, that wasn’t half bad. But I have a feeling you’ve left out lots of tiny details. Who            qualified initially and how. How exactly the teams are drawn for the Group Stage. How many teams each and every league gets and in which round they enter the                                competition…”

Thanks. You’re not so bad yourself. And you ask worthy questions. But I am and this is Noob. This is as far as we go here. You can find lots more in-depth intricacies and details out there on the interwebs. This is enough for you and me, the new-ish American soccer fan, to be able to enjoy the competition and to speak of it with reasonable intelligence and confidence .

Sadly for Noob, one day you may graduate from this humble site. But I will be proud. Not that I’m paying a damn cent for your grad school. Now get out of here before ya’ bother me. * cuffs you in the ear *

Ten to Track (Saturday, 8/26/2017)

1. Houston Dynamo vs. Sporting Kansas City – MLS

4th and 3rd in the Western Division. Too much season left to call it a battle for home field advantage, but this should still be a doozy.

B. Orlando City vs. Vancouver Whitecaps – MLS

Vancouver is in 6th in the West, just above the Playoff line, and really is better than the teams just below them. Their hold remains tenuous just the same. Orlando City is 8th in the Eastern Division and has the second-worst goal differential there. Swamp-built cities must go down and stay down.

Image result for Swamp people meme  Nice sentiment, but, umm…weren’t you replaced?  * ducks buckshot *

3. Cruz Azul vs Monterrey – Liga MX

Neither has lost this Clausura (half season), but Cruz Azul has also only won twice. Monterrey looks dominant.

4. AFC Bournemouth vs. Manchester City – EPL

Based on last season’s standings, no supersweet league matchups here. So by default, I give yo my Cherries – go, Bournemouth!

5. FC Kansas City vs. Orlando Pride – NWSL

Orlando has nearly wrapped up a Playoff spot, sitting in 4th and I think this is their last regular season game. Tiebreakers aside, even a draw at soft KC should be enough.

6. Cerezo Osaka vs. Kashima Antlers – J1 League

#2 hosts #1 in the match of the season! There are no league playoffs in J1. Also, I only recently learned Cerezo was only promoted to J1 this season. I wonder if there’s a lot of parity over there, or if there is new ownership spending money or some such.

7. Sofapaka vs. Posta Rangers – Kenya Premier

Two of the top three teams here.

Sofapaka is mainly an abbreviation for “we as a family achieve together”. Kinda cool! But no adoption by the Noob until they change their mascot to “the Alpacas”.

Image result for african alpacas meme

8. Independiente Medellin vs. Atletico Nacional – Colombia Premier

Nacional might win if not for you Medellin kids! * fist shaking *

Image result for scooby doo meddling kids  Oh, you think you’re the only people who give Noob that stare?  Puh-lease.

9. Reno 1868 vs. Swope Park Rangers – USL

Despite only being in 4th, they have the best goal differential in the entire league.  The Kansas City reserve squad need to start hot on the road.

10. San Francisco Deltas vs. Edmonton – NASL

I don’t know if it’s a chain or not, and if so how widespread, but The Management has informed me of an outfit in SF called Proposition Chicken. Noob and The Management love our sammiches. Go, Deltas, and stuff.

Image result for proposition chicken sf  Let’s Noob’s prideless sponsor search — BEGIN!!

Ten to Track (Friday, 8/25/2017)

1. New York Red Bulls vs. NYCFC – MLS

Red Bulls are in 5th, yet their only real threat to one of the 6th Eastern Division playoff spots appears likely to be the expansion Atlanta United side. NYCFC sits in firmly in 2nd.

B. Paris Saint-Germain vs. St. Etienne – Ligue 1

Noob normally wouldn’t pay too close of attention to standings just three matches into a season, but St. Etienne is one of the three 3-0 teams so far. So is PSG. Is Etienne for real? They were in the 1960’s and 70’s. -Really- real.  Whilst you ponder, enjoy English indie pop band Saint Etienne’s cover of this Neil Young tune.

3. Tijuana vs. Pachuca – Liga MX

Last Clausura (half season), Tijana reigned. This go-round, they are having trouble finding their feet. Meanwhile. Pachuca is 3-0-3 – no losses.

4. Consadole Sapporo vs. Vegalta Sendai – J1 League

Sapporo was promoted from J2 League last season and is only one point and standings slot above the relegation line.

5. Libertad vs. Independiente de Santa Fe – Copa Sudamericana

Paraguayan and Colombian sides meet in their first leg (match) of the tie (two-game set) in the Sweet 16. The bracketed stage is seeded and this is an 8-9 matchup. Noob thinks the home team wins by a couple goals though. Colombia’s pretty low on the totem pole down there football-wise.

6. Orange County vs. Oklahoma City Energy – USL

Noob’s adoration for division two American soccer never wanes. These sides are 10th and 8th in the Western Division respectively. But you have to get pretty late in the season to count a team out since six teams from each division make the Playoffs. That said, if the OC in particular loses here, they’ll be sorely behind the eight ball.

7. Emelec vs. Macara – Ecuador Premier

One of Emelec’s team nicknames is “The Blue Ballet”.

And you’re going to tell me the NHL expansion team couldn’t have gone with “the Babies”? Vegas, baby, Vegas. The different iterations of this as a nickname, mascot, and merchandising possibility make Noob’s head swoon. Swoon! Instead of foam #1 fingers, imagine placards in the shape of and picturing the Gerber Baby’s head. Golden Knights is worse than an endless blackjack shoe. But I digress.

Image result for gerber baby head  Mr. President, were you the Gerber Baby?

8. Green Buffaloes vs. Zesco United – Zambia Premiere

Top 5 clubs. As this league hits about the two thirds mark of the season, only those five have 40+ points.

9. Flora Tallinn vs. FCI Tallinn – Estonia Meistriliiga

Flora is pulling away with the league, FCI is fourth. But who can focus on such when that double-i has Noob’s gaze affixed yet again.

The iiii meme - IIIIIIIIII Misc  Do not question Noob about his love for consecutive i’s.

10. Alashkert vs. Pyunik – Armenia Premier

Alashkert advanced out of the first qualifying round of the 2017-18 UEFA Champions League this year before losing in the second. But Noob is no fan! This team as a historical tendency to dissolve – pick up their ball and go home- – whenever they get relegated.

Image result for pick up my ball and go home meme  Don’t you ever turn your back on us again, Alashkert baby chick!

Ten to Track (Thursday, 8/24/2017)

1. Zenit St. Petersburg vs. FC Utrecht – Europa League

Zenit are the “anti-aircraft gunners”. Maybe it sounds less super-specific and weird in Russian. Utrecht lead 1-0 on aggregate.

B. FC Midtjylland vs. Apollon Limassol – Europa League

One of Apollon Limassol’s nicknames is simply “God”. Does that work in Cypriot bars with the ladies, really? Seems more douchebag, less alpha. Limassol lead 3-2 on aggregate.

Image result for douchebag alpha  Doucheville, Cyprus.  Check Trip Advisor before visiting.

3. Red Star Belgrade vs. Krasnodar – Europa League

RSB was the best team from Yugoslavia. They have never qualified for Champions League via Serbia. Krasnodar lead 3-2 on aggregate.

4. Hajduk Split vs. Everton – Europa League

I listened to some of the first game of this the tie on satellite radio. Those Croatian fans are a handful! FIFA probably has some more colorful descriptives, as they have a history of shenanigans. Everton lead 2-0 on aggregate.

Image result for hajduk split hooligans  “Less Filling!   Tastes Great!”… “Oh s**t!”

5. Athletic Bilbao vs. Panathinaikos – Europa League

Bilbao is famous for it’s “cantera” policy, signing only Basque players They leads 3-2 on aggregate.

6. Plaza Amador vs. Walter Ferretti – CONCACAF league

These are two evenly matched teams, and they finished with a scoreless draw in the first leg of the tie.

7. Olimpia vs. Alianza – CONCACAF league

The Honduran hosts already lead 1-0 on aggregate and should make quick work of the El Salvadoran side.

8. Nacional vs. Estudiantes la Plata – Copa Sudamericana

This Copa is the South American equivalent of UEFA’s Europa League. It is in the round of 16, where apparently matchups can still be uneven. Because Argentina’s Estudiantes are going to house the Paraguayans.

9. Deportivo Cali vs. America Cali – Copa Colombia

Deportivo leads 1-0 on aggregate in this quarterfinal tie. Winner gets to pick up any silver the colonial Spaniards dropped back in the day after mauling the mines.

10. Oriente Petrolero vs. The Strongest – Bolivia Professional League

The Strongest, you should go clubbin’ with team “God” from Cyrpus. I wonder which would lead and which would act as wingman.

Image result for bullshit you can be mine  So which team gets to be bloated, throat cancer Val Kilmer 30 years from now?

D-Twosday interview from 8/22/2017

Time once again for a Division Two interview! I swear, the USL has more teams than I think any league in the whole wide world. So many choices to target for interviewing.

I can’t help myself. I’m enamored with NASL FC Puerto Rico head coach Mark Velez. He enjoys all this so much, I just can’t deny him the chance to take part again this week.

Coach Velez: * sighs * Hello, Noob-man

Noob: Is that a Seinfeld wisecrack?

Coach Velez: What can I say, I’m in a good mood.

Noob: I should hope so! 1-1-0 on the week, and in two road games no less.

Coach Velez: It was a tired, happy group that arrived back in Puerto Rico.

Noob: When you had the grotesque Spring Season you all did, I suppose even a tie against garbage Edmonton is cause to smile.

Coach Velez: We’re in first place, you–

Noob: By the way, Seinfeld, really?

Coach Velez: We can only just now see it Puerto Rico. Give me a break, ass hat. * click *

Thanks as always for the time, Puerto Rico FC head coach Mark Velez! You serve as a lens into the drama of division two North American soccer like no no else can. Just delightful.

Look for another exciting D-Twosday interview next Tuesday! Because that’s when Noob does them.

Ten to Track (Wednesday, 8/23/2017)

1. FC Dallas vs. Houston Dynamo  – MLS

Both fell a little in the Western Division standings recently, but are still holding playoff slots. A result here for #5 Houston would be sweet against their Texas rival.

B. Vancouver Whitecaps vs Seattle Sounders FC – MLS

Conversely, these sides climbed a little.  The Sounders are now in first, while Vancouver climbed into the 6th and final playoff slot. For the moment.

3. FC Copenhagen vs. FC Qarabag – UEFA Champions League

This looks like the most interesting of the five games for this event today. Qarabag leads 1-0 on aggregate. Remember: this is the Playoff (fourth) Round. Winner gets to the Group Stage, the “competition proper”.

4. Monterrey vs. Toluca – Liga MX

Last Clausura’s #2 and #4. Early this Clausura, #1 vs. #4. Two of North America’s best teams.

5. Sacramento Republic vs. Swope Park Rangers – USL

Rangers are in the top-heavy Western Division’s top four, so they’re probably playing for playoff seeding now. Sacramento is #5, trying to stay above the line.

6. Cheltanham Town vs. West Ham United – EFL Cup

C-Town plays in the fourth tier of England”s football pyramid, and so should be toast against the Premiere League side. At least the Robins are hosting, so they won’t have to wait long to jump into one of the town’s famous spas.

7. Flamengo vs. Botafogo – Copa do Brasil

We’re down to the semis. The first leg of the tie was scoreless. This is important because of away-goals as a tiebreaker. If Botafogo can manage even a single goal, they advance to the Final even if this game ends in a draw.

8. Kawasaki Frontale vs. Urawa Red Diamonds – AFC Champions League

This is a quarterfinal for Asia’s CL. It seems a more teams from the same countries are paired off this round for it to be more than coincidence. Go, Urawa. Gym, tan, sushi!

Image result for The situation Jersey Shore Japan  The Situation indicates where the sushi ends up.

9. Arabe Unido vs. Aguila – CONCACAF League

The Panamanians host this end of the quarterfinal tie already leading 2-0 on aggregate. They should advance to face who I believe to be the tournament favorites – Santos de Guapiles of Costa Rica.

10. Gor Mahia vs. Posta Rangers – Kenya Premier

The top two Kenyan clubs do battle. Fun fact: Gor Mahia is named for a a mythological medicineman of the Luo people.

David Fanshawe's 'African Sanctus' closes Saginaw Choral Society season | MLive.com  -Not- a Luo medcineman, but rather a Luo warrior.   I desperately hope this isn’t offensive, but Noob imagines he’s at a football game, refreshing himself with an ice-cold Sierra Mist through that wicked-looking straw

Ten to Track (Tuesday, 8/22/2017)

1. Sevilla FC vs. Istanbul Basaksehir – UEFA Champions League

CL is in its fourth round, which still isn’t what most Euro fans consider the “competition proper”. Winners of this round’s elimination ties (two-game sets) advance to the Group Stage. That’s when things really start.

B. Nice vs. Napoli – UEFA Champions League

For a decent summary of the CL structure, I recommend Champions League structure summary. Scroll down to “Default Distribution (from 2016-17)”.

3. Rijek vs. Olimpiakos – UEFA Champions League

At least you’re probably starting to recognize the club names, as many of this round’s new entrants are big leagues’ non-champions from last season.

4. FC Astana vs. Celtic – UEFA Champions League

Through this stage, they largely or entirely keep the league champions from playing the non-champs.

5. NK Maribor vs. Celtic – UEFA Champions League

My guess is that this is mainly to guarantee that some tiny countries’ league champions advance.

6. Crystal Palace vs. Ipswich Town – EFL Cup

A reminder that the English Football League Cup is not the same as the more prestigious FA Cup. EFL Cup only allows sides from the top four leagues to participate.

Related image  Mr. Ipswich/Jim Carrey is gaga for EFL Cup!  (It couldn’t have been for Cameron Diaz.  No way…)

7. Queretano vs. Tijuana – Liga MX

Tijuana won the last Clausura (half-season) while Queretaro was, politely, a distinct non-factor. The script is flipped somewhat so far this Clausura.

  Thanks for the tragicomic help, Sam.

8. Lorient vs. Lens – Coupe de la Ligue

This event is equivalent to the EFL Cup. Solid second round matchup here between a team demoted from Ligue 1 last season and one of the best to not be promoted from Ligue 2.

9. Persepolis vs. Ah-Ahly – AFC Champions League

First leg (match) of this quarterfinal tie. Let’s see if the Noob was right from a previous T2T prediction and Persepolis puts a hurting on.

10. Santos de Guapiles vs. Chorrillo FC – CONCACAF League

This is the second leg of this quarterfinal matchup, and Costa Rican SdG already leads on aggregate (won the first game) 1-0. Panamanian Chorrillo must win handily, as just a one-goal win would mean looking at the number of away goals for each team as a tie-breaker.

Ten to Track (Monday, 8/21/2017)

1. Manchester City vs. Everton – English Premiere

Everton squeaked into a Europa League slot last season while Man City finished 3rd. Everton is only arguably in the upper echelon of Premier clubs.

B. Malaga vs. Eibar – La Liga

Noob’s favorite kinds of non-North American matches to select:

A) ones which pit a leagues’ top clubs against one another

2) those which are important for at least one side in terms of league                 championship and/or qualifying for major post-season events

C) Competitive matchups from further down league standings, and                   games from soccer-lesser countries’ leagues from around the globe.

Welcome to the magical adventure of C!

Malaga: “The Anchovies; Now owned by some Qatari d00d. Has been banned some from postseason events recently over its debts.

Eibar: “The Gunsmiths”; only promoted for first time to La Liga in 2013-14. Is fan-owned, by people from 69 countries worldwide

These sides finished in 11th and 10th last season respectively.

3. Pumas UNAM vs. Morelia – Liga MX

Morelia finished 4th in the last Clausura.

4. Al-Ain vs. Al-Hilal – AFC Champions League

Asia’s top club event, this one pits very solid sides from U.A.E. And Saudi Arabia together in the the quarterfinals. This is the first leg of the two-legged tie (first match of two) for the right to get curb-stomped by Persepolis.

5. Zaglebie Lubin vs. Wisla Krakow – Poland Ekstraklasa

This may be the best European League (19th) Noob has paid little to no attention to. And you’re league name is even cool. Lubin didn’t even finish in the top half last season, but early here and now they are third. Wisla Krakow won it.

Image result for respect Poland meme  No.  Stick to cheeseburgers, evil kitty.

6. Valur vs. Grindavik – Iceland Urvalsdeild

I’m getting the hang of spelling the name of Iceland’s Premiere League. But other braining was sacrificed.

7. Ventspils vs. FK Liepaja – Latvia Virsligas

This is only the 41st-ranked league in Europe, of 55. But they taunt Estonia’s top league mercilessly (#42).

Image result for Estonia sucks  Jealous much, Latvia?

8. Malaysia U23 vs. Myanmar U23 – Southeast Asian Games

Neither team has lost and Myanmar is already guaranteed to graduate from the group stage into the semifinals.

9. Brunei U23 vs. Laos U23 – Southeast Asian Games

One of these squads is going to get their first point or points of the SEA Games!

10. Ahal vs. Balkan – Turkmenistan Yokary Liga

Human rights, shmuman schights! They’re playing football and the Noob as you covered. The top-ranked club hosts #3.

Image result for turkmenistan funny meme  What the actual f–…