About the Noob

Noob is a budding football fan and writer and former professional radio station deejay.  I currently split my time between my home in the U.S. and travelling the Isle of Sodor.    Noob provides exclusive coverage  for the Isle of Sodor Premier League and FA Cup.  I cover stories on and off the pitch there.   It’s been remarkable how often the craziest stories from American and European football are reflected in the happenings here on the Isle…

I would love to write for other sites and outlets, too (under “Noob” or otherwise).   DM me on Twitter (@AmericanSoccerNoob).    I’m available to guest on podcasts, radio, online, wherever.

Previously on this site, I’ve written about leagues and tournaments from all over the world, versing myself in everything footyball all at once.   This content served as a “filter”, as I previewed the biggest matches worldwide from the perspective a new fan, while offering content from some farther-flung leagues that even veteran fans of MLS and UEFA football might not know so well.  I also did a series of interviews with American second-tier coaches and others.  They’re “so unbelievable, you  may not believe them!”  All this content is still available on the site.