About the Noob

The Noob is an American sports fan, recently diving into soccer for the first time.  I’ve also been accused by The Management of being “unhinged”.  I don’t think the content warrants that at -all- …  just because I refer myself in the first and third person interchangeably … oh bloody hell …

I’m versing myself in leagues, tournaments and international play.  All at once.  There’s soooo much to wade through!  The Noob wants to serve as a filter, letting you know which games are the most important.  Plus there are coaches interviews and so much more to come!

Noob will focus generally on North America and western Europe first, but never ignoring South America, Japan (The Management is a Japanophile, and must be appeased), and the world at large.

So come, Noobite!  Come on this magical journey where I’ll comment, rant about some teams, “adopt” others, and help get us all up to speed on the World of Soccer from an American perspective.