Meet Noob & Staff!

Noob – I have my own Page “About the Noob”.  But here’s me .  As “the talent” I get to wear the superhero cape.

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The Management         Image result for The Management funny


The Management and Noob have a years-long series of sports betting, giving each other games to pick.  The winner will get Unlimited Flapjacks.  The Management got sick of Noob offering him side bet games on soccer.  Eventually, he distracted Noob from this by daring him to write a blog on a sport he was intrigued by but knew nothing about.

Likes:  Teams from San Francisco and Kansas City, all things Japan-y, calling Noob on his b.s.  Cake.

Dislikes:   Having to call Noob on his b.s., particularly regarding Noob’s instance that Romanian club Voluntari are the Voltori vampires from the Twilight Saga.  Oh, and Swamp Cities and teams from Swamp Cities.


Noobstrdamus may or may not be a real person.  Some believe him to be an alter ego of Noob.  Regardless, his soccer prognostication gifts are unparalleled anywhere on earth.  Except when he’s wrong.Image result for Noobstradamus

Any any resemblemce to Vitruvius from “The Lego Movie” is purely coincidental…




Dan the Intern-o Inferno

Dan is Noob’s solution to his own mediocre web research and image-producing deficiencies.  While he occasionally produces some A+ content adds, Dan is usually pictured hiding in his workspace after posting poor, non sequitur images in entries.

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Likes:  Swedish soccer, hiding places

Dislikes:  being on fire