Isle of Sodor – matchday 27 (Sun., 2/24) – Feature Game: #2 Knapford Town’s tough road test

Sunday, 2/24
#20  Arlesburgh Utd.   vs.       #4     Peel Godred
#6     E.C.D.                       vs.       #2     Knapford Town
T11    Vicarstown            vs.       #18   Ulfstead
#7     Wellsworth           vs.       #17   Ffarquhar
#1      Dryaw                     vs.       #9     Glennock

Sunday Feature Match:  #6 E.C.D. hosts #2 Knapford Town

Image result for Sodor map Vicarstown Knapford Knapford Town weren’t expected to necessarily vie for the title here this first Premier season, but were certainly seen as a club likely to be in the table’s top half.   But no one saw the team everyone would be chasing was tiny Dryaw FC!   East Coast Diesel have slightly exceeded expectations by being firmly in the table’s to half.   Competing for players with intracity rivals Vicarstown FC could always potentially make E.C.D.‘s life a little tougher.

Image result for ktfc crest  Knapford Town— How will they bounce back from last week’s 9-8 loss to Junction & Sheds?   Since Dryaw only managed a draw last week,  a prime opportunity to all but catch up to the table’s #1 was missed.  KTFC is a side that feasts on lesser competition, but seems to lose close a lot against better teams.  Here in February, they’re 2-0-1.


Image result for diesel crestE.C.D. — This month has been a real test for Diesel, facing clubs all in the top half of the table.  1-1-1 wasn’t bad over this stretch.  But like KTFC, this club missed their chance against Dryaw earlier in the month.  Advancing to the Semis in the summer’s FA Cup was quite the feat, but they’ll need a remarkable run and some help to get that close to the League title.

Match Prediction:      E.C.D.’s offense suddenly disappeared last week, as they only managed a single goal in drawing at Glennock.  Still, that score looks like an outlier.   Knapford Town ought to be spent some after their tough loss last week.  But with only #1 Dryaw ahead of them, their title aspirations should motivate them plenty.

Noob calls it:       4-4          KTFC will have to hope Glennock, can play Dryaw as tightly as they did against E.C.D. last week.

Image result for noobstradamus


Pshaw.   You can’t even spell “prognosticate” without Noobstradamus’ help, Noob.

Or wait.  Maybe you just did.   I….didn’t think this through…

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