’10 to Track’ for midweek 1/23-25 – so many Cups, so little time!

As usual, our midweek ten most important games to track from around the world are largely European Cup matches.  The Finals of many approach, and the drahmah heightens!

Enjoy this midweek feast, though image/lame comedy-free.  Also, the Prognostication Challenge will either be added in tomorrow or have its own shiny new Page.   (Noob’s adjusting to his new real-life work sched and starting a three week-‘Daniel fast’.  Setting the old body/sleep clock.)

Prognostication Challenge is going on hiatus as a feature, to be reviewed for a re-start at a date TBD.

Tuesday, 1/23

  1. Bristol City vs. Manchester City – EFL Cup

Remember, Noobites, this is different from the FA Cup.  Only the top four leagues’ teams get to play this event.

The Semifinals are the one round where the teams play two-legged ties (home and away series).  Division two-Bristol managed to eliminate Manchester United, but can they make it two Man-teams in a row?  The two-legged tie will make this much more difficult.   As if facing England’s #1 team wouldn’t be tough enough.

RESULT:   Man City   3-2      And Man City took the first leg of this tie 1-2, so they advance to the final 5-3 on aggregate.

B.  Shrewsbury Town vs. Oldham Athletic – EFL Trophy

Reminder of what this one is: a tournament for the third and fourth-tier league teams, plus youth elite teams of the top two leagues’ clubs.  This event has reached its Quarterfinals.

Nothing against Oldham, but Shrewsbury is Adopted, one of Noob’s fave teams. The traitorous Harry “Hotspur” Percy met his death there, and it is hallowed ground.  And “The Shrews” will prevail!  Should, anyway.   They’re near the top of the League One (third-tier) table, while Oldham is on the opposite end.

RESULT:   Shrewsbury   2-1

  1. Canet Rousillon vs. Caen – Coupe de France

This is France’s version of FA Cup.  Its reached the round of 32, and here we have featured one of the lowest-tiered teams remaining.  Rousillon plays in one of the National 3 leagues, the fifth level of French football.

Caen may not be a household name here, but they are Ligue One and should dominate.  But we’ll have fun cheering on the Minnow!

RESULT:   Caen   1-1  /  3-4  pk      So close

  1. Celaya vs. Pachuca – Copa MX

This is the second Copa of the 2017-18 season for Mexico.  They play two league tournaments, have two Cups.  Bueno!   This even is in its opening Group Stage.  Celaya are the underdog from the second-tier Ascenso League, but they’re the best team from it.

achuca, meanwhile is not strong as Liga MX teams go.  They should still be favored, but a home side win wouldn’t be a complete stunner.

Wednesday, 1/24

  1. Arsenal vs. Chelsea – EFL Trophy

This two-legged Semifinal pits the Premiere League’s #6 team vs. #2.  They score at about the same clip, but Chelsea’s goal-defense is almost literally twice as good.

RESULT:   Arsenal   2-1

  1. Rangers vs. Aberdeen – Scottish Premier

Neither team is likely to catch #1 Celtic, but these two will get the league’s Europa League berths.   They’re about as even matched as teams can be.

RESULT:   Rangers   3-2

  1. Monterrey vs. UAT – Copa MX

Monterrey is arguably the best team in North America.   UAT barely finished in the top half of Ascenso MX during the Apertura (first half-season).  If you like a Cinderella possibility, “The Roadrunners” are the team for you.

RESULT:   Monterrey   2-0

  1. Santos vs. Toluca – Copa MX

The Apertura #14 hosts #5 here.  The winner will likely advance to the next round.

RESULT:   Santos   2-1

  1. Sporting CP vs. FC Porto – Portugal League Cup

It’s a shame these two are meeting in the semifinal final instead of a round later.  These are the #2 and #1 teams in all the country.  And unlike with most FA and secondary cups (this is the latter), the semifinals are played at a neutral site (Braga).

RESULT:   Sporting   0-0  /  4-3 pk

Thursday, 1/25

  1. Barcelona vs. Espanyol – Copa del Rey

This is the second leg of this Spanish FA Cup Quarterfinal.   You may recall we Tracked the first leg several days back, and that lowly Espanyol actually got a 1-0 win!   Things could be very different on the road against league-leading Barcelona, but it bets going into their house already down.

RESULT:   Barcelona   2-0

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