D-Twosday Interview (9/5/2017)

Ready to celebrate the astounding glory that is tier-two North American soccer again? I know, it’s a rhetorical question! Time for another weekly installment of D-Twosday Interviews.

For the first time, Noob is giving Puerto Rico FC head coach Marco Velez a respite. He had a rough week, losing to NASL juggernaut Miami FC twice and dropping out of 1st. He needs some breathing room. Plus when I called he yelled a lot of things in Spanish, and Noob’s espanol is a little rusty after more than a few years away from studying it. Que lastima.

So this week, I talked with NASL FC Edmonton head coach Colin Miller. Canadiaians are often polite.  Even ones born in Scotland.

Noob: Thanks for joining me today, Coach Miller.

Coach Miller: You’re welcome! I’ve always enjoyed the coverage on soccernews.com.

Noob: Soccernoob.com

Coach Miller: Soccer what? Wait, just who is this?

Noob: Um…so glad you enjoy our coverage! Congratulations on climbing into 2nd place for the Fall Season of NASL.

Coach Miler: Thanks. After a tough Spring Season, it’s nice to see the players’ hard work paying off.

Noob: Your squad hasn’t lost since late July. Impressive.

Coach Miller: I can’t take the credit. The players never gave up.

Noob: And no reason to think it can’t continue! You don’t have to play Miami FC until your last two games of the season.

Coach Miller: Miami’s is outstanding. We hope to still be in this position or better when October comes, take our chances with Miami then.

Noob: Chances. * chuckles *

Coach Miller: What?

Noob: Coach, Edmonton was 2nd to last in the Spring. Y’all stunk like rotting back bacon. Miami is Miami. I mean, enjoy the good times now, but ‘chances’?

Coach Miller: Hey, Miami’s great, but any team can win on any given day.

Noob: No they can’t.

Coach Miller: Did you just say that to me? You’re not from soccernews. Who is this?

Noob: I am Noob!

Coach Miller: Tha thu ‘nad fhaighean!

Noob: Now that’s just unpleasant.

Coach Miller: Wait, you know Scottish Gaelic?

Noob: Enough.

Coach Miller: Sorry about calling you the C-word. You have my respect.

See, I -knew- Canadiaians were polite! That was refreshing and divine. D-Twosday is the best! And you’re the best, Noobites. Thanks so very much for joining me once again for an exciting foray into the spectacle of joy that is North American tier-two soccer. And remember, puch ma ho in!

Author: Soccernoob

After a year of previewing soccer matches the world over with my own off-brand comedy, I now provide exclusive coverage for the Isle of Sodor Premier League, Championship, and FA Cup. (FC Dryaw 'til I die.)

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