10 to Track (Wednesday, 9/6/2017)

1. New York City FC vs. Sporting Kansas City – MLS

The only MLS game on tap for this date, and it’s a fine one. 2nd in the East vs. The Management favorite #3 in the West.

B. Miami FC vs. New York Cosmos – NASL

Miami is the class of the NASL. A likely win at home over the Coz gives them a stranglehold on 1st place over the three teams vying three points behind them.

A reminder to check out the latest edition of D-Twosday interviews! Edmonton head coach Colin Miller brings the heat out of the Canadiaian cold.

3. Harrisburg City Islanders vs. Tampa Bay Rowdies – USL

TB leads a gaggle of teams for the last two playoff spots in the Eastern Division. Harrisburg City stinks. But we thank them for reminding us they are a city. Just “Harrisburg” might’ve left us thinking they were a continent or planet.

Image result for Harrisburg meme  <— Tampa Bay Rowdie midfielder

4. Vancouver Whitecaps FC 2 vs. Tulsa Rednecks – USL

This mirrors the above game. Tulsa is in 5th , with many teams very close behind. Vancouver 2 is ungood.

5. Sarmiento de Junin vs. Sacachispas – Copa Argentina

The Round of 32 in this one-off tournament features a middle Sacachispas team from the -fourth- tier of league system. The name is taken from a team out of the 1948 movie Pelota de Trapo (“Ragged Football”).  They’re the equivalent perhaps of NHL’s Mighty Ducks.

6. Huachipato vs. Universidad Catolica – Copa Chile

Hauchipato is the lesser team here, but the UC hasn’t been as strong this Clausura as in their Apertura.

Hauchipato are “The Steelers”. Noob enjoys the NFL Pittsburghy-logo.

Image result for Huachipato logo

7. Mash’ Al Mubarek vs. Navbahor Namangan – Oliy Liga

Let’s all go to Uzbekistan! Or at least let Noob introduce you to their league, since we don’t have so many “big league” matchups to savor.

Mubarek is a city of maybe 25,000. It means “gracious”. These two teams are middling in the league.

8. FK Dinamo Samarkand vs. Kokand 1912 – Oliy Liga

Noob would feel better if he knew how to pronounce this league name. Only four letters, yet I am stumped.

Samarkand is perhaps the oldest inhabited city in central Asia, with proof of humans living there dating back to the Paleolithic era.

Image result for samarkand meme  Haz with a Z.  Samarkand often has a Q for the K.  Fun with alphabetness.

9. Obod Tashkent vs. Sogdiana Jizzakh – Oliy Liga

There are four top-flite teams based in Tashkent. FC Obod is the worst. But they are better than Sogdiana Jizzakh.

10. Neftchi Fergana vs. Bukara – Oliy Liga

Neftchi is one of the two traditional powers in Uzebistan. But they are slogging along in 15th place currently. American musician Fergie is a bigtime supporter.

Image result for you're making stuff up  Shoosh, crazy fact checker-lady.

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