Isle of Sodor Premier League – matchday 31 (4/6-7) – In Review: the title race tightens

Sat., 4/6                                [Featured Matches, which were previewed, are in bold]
#17   Brendam Utd.         5   vs.    8      #3    Peel Godred
#18   Ffarquhar                 4    vs.    1     #11    Lakeside
#6     Junction & Sheds   6    vs.   1      #8    Wellsworth
#12   Castle Rolf                6    vs.   8     #19   Tidmouth City
#2     Knapford Town      4    vs.   4     #14   Brendam Harbor

Sun., 4/7
#9   Glennock                    4    vs.    4     #16   Ulfstead
#4   Crovan’s Gate           2    vs.    3     #10    Suddery
#5   Kirk Ronan                 6    vs.    4    #20   Arlesburgh Utd.
#13  Marron                        3    vs.    7     T14    Vicarstown
#1    Dryaw                           3    vs.    3     T7      East Coast Diesel

[The updated table is under the “More Noobishness” Pages.  Smexy link. ]

Image result for PGFC crest Noob predicted Saturday’s feature match would go 1-6 in favor of Peel Godred.  Welp!   Got the winner right, anyway.   Brendam Utd. actually managed five in a respectable losing effort, and not just a bunch at the end of a blow out.

Image result for Boleyn fc crest  Ultimately, United couldn’t keep up with Peel’s strange use of what are pretty standard formations anywhere else.   PGFC  earned a 2-4 staying mostly in a 4-3-3.    But once PG extended their lead a little in the second, they then switched to a 4-5-1.   Remember:  On Sodor, it’s all hyper-offense, all the time for most clubs.  That second formation bamboozled United something fierce.

Related image So heading into Sunday’s feature match, #1 Dryaw FC’s lead was down to a single point in the table.   Could they re-extend their cushion?

Image result for east coast diesel crest Visiting East Coast Diesel reclaimed their identity as the league’s Bad Boys, reinstalling their incredibly physical defensive style their last two matches.   But the FA had seen enough (10 yellow cards in a half last week!), and actually equipped refs for this match with red cards for the first time in anyone’s memory.  Previously, had the need arisen, someone would’ve just had to bleed on a yellow or something.

Still, Diesel had gotten word and adjusted, only upending Dryaw’s front line players when scoring chances appeared to be forming.   But Dryaw’s whole team appeared to be playing on their heels just the same, knowing E.C.D. had been in the habit late of just mauling everyone, anytime.    It all led to the low-scoring affair Diesel wanted.  They led 2-3 with match nearly done.

That’s when there was magic.   Dryaw star striker Christopher Wilbertson was streaking across the middle of the box when he got sneakily backtripped.    He was in full Superman form when the otherwise-slightly errant pass was there for the perfect header and score.  Your final!   3-3

Funny, it looks just like the Klinsmann Dive he keeps trying to recreate every week.   What a guy.


So figured in with Knapford Town’s draw, the title chase is  Dryaw at 69, Peel alone now in 2nd with 67, and KTFC with 65.


Author: Soccernoob

After a year of previewing soccer matches the world over with my own off-brand comedy, I now provide exclusive coverage for the Isle of Sodor Premier League, Championship, and FA Cup. (FC Dryaw 'til I die.)

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