’10 to Track’ for Globetrotting Friday, 12/29 – from Scottish Championship to Syria

TGIGF – Globetrotting Friday descends upon us!  Most days, T2T brings us the “ten most important games” for us, the newish American soccer fans.

Fridays, we take advantage of “big” leagues’ lighter scheds and span the globe!  It’s all first class travel as you and Noob jetset.  Have a complementary mimosa. (We’ll finish with one, too, you’ll see.)

First, we start off with locales somewhat more featured here:

  1. Belenenses vs. Sporting CP – Portugal League Cup

There are two Cup tournaments going on in Portugal right now.   This one – the Taça de Liga – is just for the top two leagues in the country.  The other one – the Taça de Portugal – involves more leagues, is the FA Cup.

This is the last game of the Group Stage for these two.   Only the winner from each Group advances.  Sporting is 1st in this Group of four, only really need a draw to advance.   Belenenses is tied for 2nd with Maritimo.  They must win and outpace Maritimo on goal differential should they also win.

All this said, the hosts would be doing well to even lose by one to league 2nd-place Sporting.

RESULT:   1-1      Sporting advances to the next round.

B.  Iraq vs. Yemen – Arabian Gulf Cup

Reminder:  Eight Gulf area teams, plus Yemen.  Two Groups of four, out of which top two teams advance form the Group Stage.

The teams in this Group have just one game left each.  Iraq is tied with Bahrain for 1st.  With a win or draw, they advance.   Yemen sucks.

RESULT:   Iraq 3-0     and on to the Semis

Image result for Yemen funny


Eeeeeeasy, Yemen.   No need to get crazy.

  1. Paykan vs. Pars Jonoubi Jam – Persian Gulf Pro League (Iran)

As yesterday, we have another match featuring a Noob-Adopted team.  Welcome back, Jonoubi Jaaayum!

Three teams from this league qualify for the AFC Champions League next year.  Here, 4th hosts 2nd.  If the hosts control the pace, this will be a low-scoring game.  PJJB plays more wide open.

RESULT:   1-1

  1. Al Nassr vs. Al Ahli – Saudi Pro League

Noob’s also referred to this as “Saudi Premier”.  I think this change is accurate.

3rd hosts 1st place here.  Al Ahli scores like it’s going out of style.  Al Nassr is good, but probably give up too many goals to hang season-long in the top three and get a C.L. berth.

RESULT:   Al Nassr   3-1

Image result for al-nassr fc


Oh, you wanna dance, Al-Nassr player-guy?!   Let fisticuffs ensue!

  1. St. Mirren vs. Dundee United – Scottish Championship

This might be the first time Noob’s featured a second-tier Scottish match.  Hooray!   We always have room for 1st vs 2nd place.

This is another match where pace-control will determine the winner.  St. Mirren score so much, Noob wonders if they even play a goalie.  Dundee sport the league’s best defense.  And only one team gets promoted to Premier level at season’s end.

RESULT:   St. Mirren   2-0

And now, Noobites, we head off for soccer sites never seen!  OK, occasionally seen.  

  1. Montego Bay United vs. Cavalier – Jamaica Premier

The top six of the twelve make the postseason league playoffs.  These two are in 8th and 5th, respectively.

Fun fact:  Seba United (now Montego Bay Utd.) once won the league championship despite have been docked -20- points.

RESULT:   Cavalier   0-1     and apparently it was mislisted or changed, was played the day before

Image result for montego bay united

  1. Al Taliya vs. Al Ittihad – Syria Premier

This league only sends one to the AFC Champions League next season.  These two are in 4th and 3rd place, but all the teams at the top of the table are close together.  Ittihad only gives up a goal every other game on average.

Fun, Confusing Fact:  Al Taliya are the “Hama Hurricane”.  They’re based in Hama.  The other part is more confusing.

RESULT:   Al Ittihad   0-1

  1. Azam vs. Ndanda – Tanzania Premier

2nd hosts 11th place.

Fun facts:  Azam is one of three major clubs in Dar es Salaam, the largest city in east Africa.  Musiki da wansi is the most traditional style of live music from there.  Enjoy some DDC Mlimani Park Orchestra during your time here with Noob on T2T.

RESULT:    ppd

  1. ESB Besbès vs. US Souf – Algeria Cup

All Noob can tell you about these teams is they’re far enough down the Algerian football pyramid that finding which amateur leagues and levels they’re at eluded Noob’s quick Google efforts.

Perhaps we can get Dan-o “the Intern-o Inferno” to do a deeper dive.

RESULT:   Besbès   1-1   (aet)  /  4-3  pk     So after regulation time it was 0-0.  The both scored once in extra time, then settled it with penalty kicks.

Image result for sleeping on the job


When you’re done typing “^OT^UGGOGOU”, perhaps we could talk footyball research?

  1. ASEC Mimosas vs. Sporting Gagnoa – Ivory Coast Ligue 1

For those who would prefer “Côte d’Ivoire”, cram it down your French pastryholes!   Muahahaha.  At least Noob is using “Ligue”.

We finish Friday’s Globetrotting strong, with a 1st vs. 3rd-matchup.  This league will send two side to next year’s CAF Champions League.

Fun facts:   ASEC Mimosas are the defending league champs.  They are named after the plant, not the alcoholic beverage.

RESULT:   Mimosas   3-2

Image result for pastry eating funny


Noob said, “Cram it!”

And get a real hat.  

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