Isle of Sodor Premier League match to be made up Wed.; looking back at “The Coalyard Catastrophe”

Updated March 7

Image result for Junction FC crestJunction & Sheds took the weekday make-up match 5 – 10 in a classic Sudric shootout.

Neither team was or is in a position to challenge for the title, but this would seem to cement J&S in for a top-half finish.

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March 4, 2019 — Wellsworth, Sodor

PictureWednesday, Wellsworth FC will host Junction & Sheds in the first of two make-up matches between the clubs.

Wellsworth was to host the second of the two regular season meetings on Dec. 22.   That date is now famous on Sodor for “The Coaling Yard Catastrophe”.   Six train personnel directly involved with the train crash  and five passers-by struck were by coaling tower debris were all rushed to St. Tibba’s with life-threatening injuries.

Image result for coaling yard disaster

Mayoress Ysbal Clucas came under heavy scrutiny for cancelling the match. 

"Even though no one was pronounced dead at the scene, out of respect for the victims, I felt it best to cancel the match.  It's not like these clubs are in UEFA or anything."
Image result for winefride well waterVice President of the Wellsworth FC supporters group "The Ebbas" had this to say:  

"You get the victims to St. Tibba's - even if it should be Saint Ebba's.  The waters are a panacea.  The whole town was built because of them!  Doctors and magic water for the injured, football for the rest of us."

Hagiological argument and weird belief in a supernatural well aside, she’s now expected to defeat Clucas in the next mayoral election for her hardline stance.

Oh, and everyone survived.

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