A Noob farewell to Dan the Intern-o Inferno

It’s a bittersweet time here at Noob.  1/3 of our staff is departing.

Dan the Intern-o Inferno has been an integral part of the site since its inception a year ago.  The Inferno’s visual artwork efforts, research, and general technical abilities have been first class.

But nothing in this life is forever, least of all internship positions.  It had been hoped D double-I could be talked into staying on.  Alas, plying him with a fancier title (Director of Fancy Interblag Stuff – see, told you it was fancier) wasn’t enough incentive in the end.

Let’s add some mood music.

Noob would’ve done anything to keep him on board.  It’s hard to believe some other organization could win his heart.  That is, until considering we all learned early on where his passion most truly lies:  Swedish women’s soccer.

Dan will serve as Assistant to the Deputy Director of Public Relations at the SvFF (Swedish Football Association).  It’s a little unclear to Noob what exactly that will entail.  Frankly, it wasn’t made clear in the reference phone call I fielded from the head office in Solna.

In truth, Noob almost wonders if Dan isn’t just moving there with no gig in hand to try getting paid piecemeal for freelance photography at matches.  In cafes.  Outside apartment buildings…

The Management would like to apologize on behalf of all – ok, both – of us here at Noob to Dan the former Intern-o Inferno.  Noob’s contract gives him full creative control over content he creates.  I can’t delete it, nor can I believe I was hounded into that during our negotiations.  All I can do is add remarks like this.

So, sorry.  Noob’s direct implications that Dan is unemployed and moving to Sweden to discreetly take pictures of fit, attractive Swedish women does NOT reflect the opinion of the rest of us.  Which is me.   Lordy, we’re getting sued for sure.

Um, thanks for that, The Management!  It’s a wonder you choose to put pen to paper at all, ever.

Rather than worry about who’s suing whom and fetishes and whatever, let’s relive some of Dan’s awesome contributions to Noob over its first year.


Dan’s master’s piece – an homage to Weird Al and in-house prognosticator Noob-stradamus, plus an unofficial slogan for this site.

The Inferno understood Noob well.

Image result for switzerland scotland funny map



The Inferno added to Noob’s nightmares with this barely-relevant super creepy Swiss map.


Image result for screwing around at work



Here’s Dan from that same post, expressing his readiness for one of our many battles.


Image result for workplace peace



Correctly sensing Noob’s instability, Dan attempts to deescalate things with suggested reading.



Image result for mullah funny


Here’s Dan getting confused over Noob’s request for a moolah image.

Mullah.  What a knee-slapper of a gaffe!


Image result for hiccup letter B


Noob did NOT let Dan do work related to Number B after this bit of tomfoolery. 

Or was it subversion?!

Image result for hot british heels



Though those ankles aren’t Swedish, was Dan starting to give anything away with this little add-on in an April Track?


Image result for giant turkey leg



Dan never did get that in Turkey they spell it Super Lig.




Image result for Red Bull on fire



Dan the Intern-o Inferno made sure he was never the only thing on fire in the footballing world.


Image result for pizza dough funny


Dan rose above his station in mocking Noob when his glasses and face got wrecked by an errant dough ball.


Image result for ashamed office employee



Here’s Dan being sad about the early 90’s desktop with which Noob saddled him.


Image result for censored middle finger


Aaaaand here was the evolution of Dan’s feelings about the desktop machine.

What a cad!


Image result for hug it out funny



And here was Dan going all ocotopus-Jeremy Piven about wanting to resolve his emotions.

Look out, Sweden…


Image result for angels and demons god particle



Proving his loyalty in the oddest of ways, Dan stole the God Particle prop from Angles & Demons.




Lobos de BUAP from Liga MX got seriously Intern-o’ed.





Yep.  You knew he’d go there…


Image result for hands full funny



…but THIS came as more of a surprise.

(Noob rarely runs blue.)



Image result for sleeping on the job


Dan understandably found assignments like Algerian football research less than thrilling.


Image result for censored sign


Dan taught Noob a valuable lesson about internet research.

(“Sofia domination” isn’t specific enough for researching Bulgarian soccer.) 


Image result for anarchist librarian



Dan the Intern-o Inferno and The Management had a love child, and Noob won’t be talked out of the theory.

(It’s funnier if you know them both from RL.)


PhotoDan’s homage to Scott Baio in his Polish FA Cup assignment was priceless.

As was and is Dan.  Thanks for being a great “intern” and even better friend.


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